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How To Add Google recaptcha in Everest Form 7

Adding Google recaptcha on your site just not for the safety purpose it is also free service that anyone can use to prevent spam and abuse on their website. In this blog we teach you how you can use Google recaptcha on your contact form in wordpress. STEP 1: Create an account for your site First and foremost, you need to register your site. So, go to Google’s overview page and click on the Admin Console. After you’re done, click on SUBMIT. About reCAPTCHA type: There are two types of reCAPTCHA that you can integrate in your site

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Gangotri Temple

This Pilgrimage spot is dedicated to river Ganga. Here Gangotri temple opens on an auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya and closes on Bhai duj. It is believed that one King saga conducted an Ashwamedha Yagya and sent all his 60,000 sons along with horses. Their horses lost, and to trace their horses, all that 60,000 sons stormed the ashram and disturb Kapila muni who was in deep meditation. Enraged Kapila turned all of them into ashes. Later on Kapila’s advice, Anshuman (Saga’s Grandson) started praying to god and request her to come down on earth and cleanse the ashes and provide salvation to them. Later Anshuman’s grandson Bhagirath rigorous meditation made Ganga come down on earth and lord shive tied Ganga and distributed its water in several streams to save earth from its mighty force.

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